Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Poems

By Rajesh Singh

I Have a Wish

I have a wish
That when I go, people say
Here was a man
Who lived and died
For love every day.

He saw the stars and praised the sky
He heard the birds and cheered their cry
He smelled the breeze that touched his face
He felt the tears that ran a race.

He hid his sorrow under the bed
And laughed and laughed till others went dead
He cried a lot but when alone
His heart was butter though face stone.

He made blunders and was a fool
If only he wanted he could rule
He lived simple and thought high
He was a dreamer searching the sky.

Well, he was a good man
His void will be felt
Though with time
Like snow it will melt.


I Shall Sleep

A soft pillow of assurance
To place my weary head on
A soothing touch of affection
Over my brooding forehead
Give me these
And I shall sleep.

The free spirit of a chirping bird
The nimble feet of flowing stream
The serenity of an ascetic brahmin
The glow of a bud turning flower
Give me these
And I shall sleep.

The eyes that do not weep
The heart that does not pine
The lips that do not quiver
The mind that does not segregate
Give me these
And I shall sleep.

Love but not betrayal
Truth but not hurt
Relationship but not conditions
Calm but not deception
Give me these
And I shall sleep.


I Wish I Could Die

I wish I could die
Earlier than I will.

Dreams lie before me
Shattered like broken glass
Sparkling, tiny
Like distant stars.

Daylight is so wondrous
Delightful, spread of moon
Others may bask in them
I have my dark room.

Happiness is on wings
Grief lingers long
But the strength of pain
Supports life when pleasure in gone.

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  1. I Have A Wish has always been a favorite of mine.