Monday, February 22, 2010

Ram Sethu: Factfile

What is Ram Sethu?

Ram Sethu (or Adam’s Bridge) is a chain of limestone shoals that links Rameswaram (TN) to Mannar (Sri Lanka). Various estimates place the length between 30 Km and 48 Km and up to three kilometres wide.

Who discovered it?

It was discovered by NASA space missions including the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission in February 2000. The mission beamed photographs that clearly showed a bridge-like link in the region.

Have studies been done to date the shoals, since there is a school of thought that the bridge was built during the period of the mythological Lord Rama some 17 lakh years ago?

No study or carbon dating has been done so far. NASA has clarified that in the absence of detailed studies, its images cannot be taken as proof of any man-made bridge.

How many studies have been done on the proposed Sethusamudram project?

Since a channel route was first seriously mooted by A D Taylor in 1860, some 13 studies have been conducted. Of these, five were after India gained independence. These were done in 1956, 1967, 1981 and 1996 (two studies). The eight others were conducted between 1861 and 1922.

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